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Monetize with one listener

- from Marc
The Joe Rogan Experience - JRE
28/06/2023 14:56
"Great episode!"
Receive in-app user donations and messages from podcast players like Fountain, Pocket Casts (soon), and many more.
Our donation dashboard gives you an overview about your received donations and lets you dive into any detail.

We help you to use donations properly

We build on the Podcasting 2.0 standard that enables any podcasting apps to offer in-app donations.

Directly from the listening app

Listeners don’t want to leave their app. We don’t need them to.

Low fees for any amount

Fees are low and stay low, also for microtransactions.

Directly into your pocket

No periodic payouts. A listener sends, you get it. Simple.

Good for your content

Use the message feature for Q&As, social media, etc.

More than 11,000 podcasts already accept Podcasting 2.0 donations.

Experience a new, seamless form of offering premium content

*Example video

Segment your podcast episodes into freely accessible and paid sections, similar to a paywall with a preview.
Listeners can purchase full content access seamlessy within their podcasting app.


Make your premium content visible. Premium episodes are embedded in the publicly available podcast feed.​


Listeners can access premium episodes directly where they want to access it - in the podcast player.​


Choose the monetization form that suits your podcast and community.